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PTA tyre shop stuff

WA11 9UB

PTA tyre shop stuff is the home of Fix-n-Cure Tyre Products.

PTA does not manufacture but we have stock made for us and we carefully select items to carry the Fix-n-Cure logo.

The idea of the Fix-n-Cure brand is to help you identify with stock of good quality at the right price. We are sure that you will learn to trust and have faith in the items that carry the Fix-n-Cure logo. When we introduce a new line we like to put it out to a selected tyre shop to test its worth.

Of course there are brands out there that you already trust i.e TRAX SCHRADER PCL TECH VIPAL and we wil continue to stock product from these quality companies.

We are sure it won't be long before you start seeing the Fix-n-Cure logo and are equally sure you will have confidence in it.

95% of our customers are re-sellers and van salesman, so if you are interested in any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us. We do have a price structure to cater for the end user and bulk buyers.

In short Fix-n-Cure represents good quality at the right price.

We have been in the tyre industry since 1970. one way or another, and have sometimes had to learn the hard way. When owning Tyre Shops my hates were re-balances cause by being sold poor quaility weights, not realising they had moved on the rim and just falling off. Very expensive operation..were those weights cheap. Valves are a safety item and should not be compromised,I prefer to sleep at night. Please beware of cheap cheap valves. Buy from where you trust, ask questions.

Wow I go on, its my age you know, still to those who know us, thank you for your business and to those who don't, hope to hear from you.